Annai Agencies is a trade-based firm in Thoothukudi,Tamilnadu that has been assembling and supplying wooden pallets & Packaging materials since 2002.The company supplies on demand and on contract basis the requirements of the client on time. The firm envelopes the subsidiary company Annai Sawmill that provides the raw materials for the manufacturing process.Raw materials for the packaging industry mainly constitutes country wood,rubber.The materials are assembled at the company using skilled professionals and treated before handing over to the client. Owing to advancement in the treatment process and the necessity to eradicate virulent microbes in the packaging goods,we have setup a heat treatment plant in Thoothukudi to facilitate our clients to benefit from moisture and pest control services.
Heat Treatment
To control the spread of microbes across nations,FAO at Geneva has introduced specific standards to eliminate the pests present in the wood used for packaging as the outbreak of these microbes is pronounced as bio-war.Therefore,it is mandatory that the materials must be treated with heat prior to export. By heating the wood sections at the safer temperature of 56 degree C for 30 minutes,the scientists of the world have proved that the pests can be destroyed.This method is called Forced Hot Air Treatment according to International standards ISPM-15 and Indian standards NSPM-9.
FHAT plant in Thoothukudi
We have installed a Forced Hot Air treatment plant in Thoothukudi and are now providing this facility to all our clients.
The finished pallets and wood sections are taken to the treatment chamber where it is stacked in place.Next,we place the temperature sensors on the wall and within the pallet materials by creating a 6cm passage. All the sensors are connected to a data logger which has a tolerance value of 0.1 degree C. Then, the chamber is closed and the treatment is initiated. The sensor readings are recorded in the computer connected to a data logger every two minutes to ensure proper heat distribution. When the core temperature of all the sensors reach the limit of 56 degreeC, the temperature is maintained for the time requested by the importing country. Then the machine will be stopped and the materials are allowed to cool to the ambient temperature. After the cooling process, the materials will be taken out and sealed as per the standards of marking The treated materials are stored with proximity to the soil strata and the untreated wood materials to avoid contamination. After a day, the goods are despatched to the clients through proper means of transport.
The FHAT process is followed worldwide as all the wood packaging materials must be treated before export. Moreover , we have established a full-time functioning facility in Thoothukudi to enable our clients and exporters seeking our service to benefit from this plant.
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